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fin pub

Findleton Pub and Sparkling Fin

The perfect place for a hand crafted sandwich and a beer, or a juicy burger and a glass of wine. At Sparkling Fin, you can taste through sparkling wines from around the world, and enjoy artist Pam Findleton's masterworks, as well as other local artisans creations!
hwy 50_2

HWY 50 Brewery

We are located right off Hwy 50 in Camino. If you love fresh beer, pizza right out of the oven, a fun atmosphere and live music on the weekends, HWy 50 Brewery is for you! Come by and try our selection of English inspired ales and hand tossed pizza. You have arrived at your destination!

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Kilt & Cork

Join me each week as we explore the BEST of the Sierra Foothills! If you are a fan of travel, beer, wine, spirits, adventure, fun or men in kilts, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and tune in each week on Thursdays at 6pm on Facebook Live! Don't worry, just LIKE my page and you'll get notified when we are about to broadcast!